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Worry-free Light Bulb and Lamp Disposal

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We not only save you money with our energy-efficient, long-lasting, maintenance-reducing lighting - you will also save on waste with our recycling services!

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Linear fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, contain a small amount of mercury, an essential ingredient to maximize their efficiency.  Due to the mercury content in these modern bulbs they are unsafe for landfills.

Recycling your bulb and tube lighting not only captures the mercury, but allows it to be reused in other products. Another terrific way your business can be greener than ever before!

Recycling is Good for your Business and Good for the Environment

  • It is the legal responsibility of business owners to ensure that their hazardous lighting waste is handled correctly
  • Fluorescent light bulbs, HID Lamps and PCB ballasts all require proper disposal whenever they are replaced
  • Century Lighting recycles lighting products through Environmental Protective Services of Oregon (EPS Oregon) and SafetyKleen, this ensures you that your waste lamps and ballasts are handled properly and can eliminate the liability you could incur from disposing of these yourself.

Doing the right thing means taking care of our customers and the environment! 

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