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LED Lighting: 
The Future of Lighting!

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At Century Lighting we are constantly researching and learning about the newest technologies in lighting.  LED's have been on the market for a number of years and are constantly being improved upon.  We are able to help you make the best decisions to determine if LED is the right lighting system for you and your business.  We purchase from manufacturers who stand behind their product with warranties and high value.

Recent innovations have improved to make LED lights whiter and brighter than ever before.  LED Lighting is drastically changing our industry and we have the experts who are working to stay current with the strengths and applications of these super efficient and eco-conscience products.  If you're interested in exploring the use of LED lighting be sure to give us a call and we'll answer all your questions.

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider LEDs

1. Long Life
Life time expectation of up to 100.000 hours!

2. Energy Efficiency
The most efficient way today to illuminate, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting.

3. Ecologically Friendly
LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable, and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint by up to a third.

4. Durable Quality
Because LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts, they make great outdoor lighting systems, even for rough conditions and extreme weather.

5. No UV Emissions
LED lighting is suitable not only for goods and materials that are sensitive to heat, but also for illumination of UV sensitive objects or materials such as in museums, art galleries, archeological sites and more.

6. Design Flexibility
Well-designed LED illumination systems can achieve fantastic lighting effects, not only for the eye but also to improve mood.

7. Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures
LED are ideal for operation under cold and hot outdoor temperature settings.

8. Light Disbursement
LED can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector.

9. Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching
Also, LED lights can be switched off and on frequently without affecting the LED’s lifetime or light emission.

10. Low-Voltage
A low-voltage power supply is sufficient for LED illumination. This is a big advantage when it comes to using LED technology in remote or rural areas too.