Suzanne Cavanagh, owner and CEO of Century Lighting is featured in an article published in the Southern Oregon Business Journal, December 2018

From her profile on LindedIn it is clear that Suzanne Cavanagh is more than a co-owner with her husband, Joe, of a commercial lighting company in Springfield. To hear her speak is to catch her enthusiansm for making a difference with lighting.….(pg. 38-39)

EnergyTrust of Oregon 2017 Commercial & Industrial Lighting "Outstanding Contribution Award"

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We are proud to have received "Outstanding Contribution Award 2017" for Commercial & Industrial Lighting from the EnergyTrust of Oregon. We have received this recognition 3 years in a row!   Our staff are experts at lighting energy upgrades to improve your lighting and save you money.

Chamber Member Spotlight - March 2018





Chamber Member Spotlight - March 2018

It is amazing what St. Vincent DePaul is doing in our community for homeless youth.  It is an honor to be able to highlight this.

We had an emotional afternoon with #RickDancer at #TheARCofLaneCounty.  If you want to be inspired by some amazing people be sure to view this.

Century Lighting is a BRING ReThink Certified business, we are proud to have this association with BRING and happy to be able to highlight all that they are doing in our community.

We are so happy to be able to have a part in sharing a couple of amazing non-profits in our area, NextStep Recycling and Holt International.  

We are very excited to highlight a local business, Fiddler's Green, who we were able to partner with in upgrading their lighting as well as talking with Cindy Benton about the Walk to End Alzheimer's. 


Rick Dancer interviews Joe about his work and passion helping our community through his work with the Eugene Mission.

Century Lighting   "Pillar of the Community"       Springfield Chamber of Commerce 2016  

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Joe Cavanagh, Owner of Century Lighting and Dave Chavez, Sales and Project Representative are presented the Outstanding Contributions Award 2016 for Century Lighting from #EnergyTrustofOregon at their January 2017 meeting held in Portland, Oregon.

Thank you ETO for this award we are proud to partner with #EnergyTrustofOregon (#ETO) in providing lighting energy upgrades to our customers.

Century Lighting has been awarded the Outstanding Contributions Award 2016 by EnergyTrust of Oregon for a second year in a row.  As a Lighting Trade Ally Network this award was for Commercial & Industrial Lighting.  

We take pride in working with ETO and our customers to ensure the most comprehensive lighting projects available.


Joe Cavanagh of Century Lighting has been designated NXT Level Certified!  Dave and Century Lighting are listed with this designation.


NXT Level training, Lighting Contractors, Joe Cavanagh

Welcome to the NXT Level Designation List! NXT Level is the most comprehensive lighting training in the Northwest for lighting contractors, designers, installers and others working on commercial or industrial retrofits.

Below are companies and their employees that are NXT Level designated. To be listed, companies completed an application process: providing references, a history of projects, and proof of good standing with their utility. Individuals completed an application process and either provided proof of holding select lighting certifications or completed the NXT Level training, passing the associated course exams.

Outstanding Contributions Award 2015

ETO, Energy Trust of Oregon, Award, Lighting Trade Ally, Outstanding contributions Award

Century Lighting has been awarded the Outstanding Contributions Award 2015 by Energy Trust of Oregon.  As a Lighting Trade Ally Network this award was for Commercial & Industrial Lighting.  Century Lighting operates in the Willamette Valley and has provided lighting energy assessments and performed lighting energy upgrades for commercial and industrial businesses since 1984.

‘New standards needed’ to deal with light’s effect on our body clocks

‘New standards needed’ to deal with light’s effect on our body clocks

20 November 2015 · Lucy Fisher ·UK Europe · Home page

Century Lighting Oregon, Circadian Lighting, Senior Living, Suzanne Cavanagh

Vitamin D on tap: is it unnatural to spend so much time indoors and what can artificial lighting do to help our bodies?

The effect of light on the body should be recognised in updated lighting standards and guidelines, said experts at LuxLive this week.

Christian Cajochen of the University of Basel explained ways to measure and quantify how lighting influences our bodies. Cajochen’s research focuses on the ‘non-visual’ effects of light – such as the impact that light has on the body clock, alertness and sleep.

Cajochen said Thomas Edison was wrong when he claimed that light does not affect our health and sleep. In fact, light impacts our circadian rhythms more powerfully than any drug.

In the lab, circadian rhythms can be quantified by looking at the secretion of the hormone melatonin, he explained, before describing how lighting has been proven to affect our alertness and our sleep quality. We sleep less deeply following excessive light exposure, especially in the evening.

Research has found that blue-enriched light from TV sets, computers and tablets in the evening and early in the night can elicit an alerting response and delay the circadian response, he said. This can decrease sleep quality and delay the time taken to fall asleep. He pointed, too, to the fact that the risk of insomnia is greater in older people, so there are ‘trade-offs’ between visual and non-visual effects of light.

“We are now trying to implement this into lighting designs, codes and standards,” Cajochen added.

We’ve got used to a very static lighting scheme at work and we don’t like it. We’ve all become zombies"

Helen Loomes, Trilux

So how can we bring human-centric lighting into the real world?

Helen Loomes of lighting manufacturer Trilux suggested that organisations and individuals can take small steps to harness more human-centric lighting, such as modifying shift patterns. “A lot is down to how we use the information we have,” she said. “We’ve got used to a very static lighting scheme at work and we don’t like it. We’ve all become zombies. You can use products in different ways, even though we cannot mimic daylight.”

Loomes also suggested that, “we always forget our emotional response to lighting”.  To continue reading...

Can Natural Light Make Employees More Productive?

FastCoexist  Andrew Price   January 5, 2012 | 6:26 PM

 That doesn’t mean just putting in more windows. A new, super high-tech ceiling makes it seem as though workers are outside. And it’s having impressive results.

Commercial lighting contractors, Willamette Valley, Eugene, Springfield,

The LEDs allow us to simulate dynamic changes in lighting to promote concentration and heighten alertness.

That’s the idea behind a new lighting system from the German high-tech research firm Fraunhofer that it says "[conveys] the impression that you are sitting outdoors."

The "virtual sky" consists of 50-centimeter-square panels, each with 288 LED lights. Each panel has red, blue, green, and white LEDs, allowing the system to produce the full light spectrum and more than 16 million hues. A matte film diffuses the light, so the individual LEDs aren’t visible. As these programmed LEDs turn on and off they simulate the shifting light you’d experience sitting outside during a moderately cloudy day.

The LEDs allow us to simulate dynamic changes in lighting to promote concentration and heighten alertness.

Natural light has been shown to raise students’ test scores (by 27%!), improve worker productivity, and promote healing in hospitals.

And that shouldn’t be surprising. After all, evolution didn’t optimize us for drab office parks.  To read the entire article:


Creating serene spaces through lighting design

Oct 06, 2015

LED experts, Suzanne Cavanagh, Circadian Lighting

We all find serenity in different ways, from enjoying dinner with friends to curling up on the sofa with a good book. But experts agree on at least one thing when it comes to rest and renewal: daylight and artificial lighting both have a powerful impact on our mood.

“Research shows lighting is inextricably linked with human health,” said Rebecca Hadley, manager of Eaton’s SOURCE lighting education center. “Certain light sources can affect our mood as well as performance and change our blood pressure and stress levels.”

The good news is that lighting can be a relatively easy, economical way to create the right atmosphere. Whether you’re designing your master bedroom or an office with an open floor plan, a few simple tips can help you craft the perfect space.  To read more:

The Meaning Of Lighting

New Value Metrics Need Consideration

Human Centric Lighting, Circadian Lighting, Lighting maintenanc


Published: October 2015

By Craig DiLouie

Mark S. Rea, Ph.D., professor and director of the Lighting Research Center at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, believes the lighting industry has a problem. Solving it first requires an admission that it exists.

To a large extent, Rea believes, the lighting industry has traditionally promoted itself as a category with an emphasis on illuminance—light level, measured in lumens and foot-candles—as the product. This puts the focus on light, viewed as a commodity prone to value engineering toward lowest cost, and not enough on lighting, which is light applied to a space in a way that adds real value.

At stake is the question of whether lighting can be bought and sold based on a perception of its true value. If the lighting community can change the way it engages the end-user, the end-user will, in turn, perceive a higher value in the profession and what it provides.

“Clients care deeply about different design dimensions, but they never care about illuminance levels,” Rea said. “Yet, illuminance level is functionally our only measurable quality metric in an application, and we apply it irrespective of the design dimensions important to the client.” To read more:


September 10, 2015 

Renewable energy projects have substantial benefits to public health

Sustainability is healthy for you and your wallet. A new study from Harvard University found that while renewable energy and energy efficiency projects are profitable for business and beneficial for the environment, they are also boosting public health, saving people hundreds of millions of dollars each year. Depending on how much an area has displaced

- See more at:

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Century Lighting Earns BRING's RE:think Business Certification  

Century Lighting Takes Steps to Reduce Waste in Lane County

Springfield, Oregon - Century Lighting has been awarded certification from BRING's RE:think Business program for taking steps to reduce wast and save resources.  Since June, 2015, Century Lighting has been working one-on-one with a sustainability management expert to assess opportunities and make on-the-ground changes throughout its operations.  

"As a company committed to assisting our customers with energy efficiency we wanted to ensure that we were doing everything we could at our office/warehouse to refine our waste management procedures.  We have brought awareness of the importance of paper and water use reduction and continued and improved recycling efforts to our staff," said company owner Joe Cavanagh.         

For more information on BRING's RE:think Business program, call 541-746-3023, ext. 309 or visit  

About Bring's RE:think Business

BRING's RE:think Business program offers Lane County businesses and organizations free, confidential advise on practical ways to minimize waste and save money.  Since March 2010, the program has worked with more than 100 businesses.  Since then, more than 50 businesses have received RE:think Certification for taking recommended actions to reduce waste in the workplace.