Lighting FAQs

We hope these Frequently Asked Questions provide you with a better understanding of business lighting systems. For questions about lighting that aren’t covered here, please contact us and we’ll help you get the answers.

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Why retrofit your lighting system?
The Department of Energy Regulations (2005) requires that certain inefficient T12 and incandescent lighting be phased out. If you are using these products you will soon not be able to purchase them. Retrofitting your lighting system will not only save you money by reducing energy usage and maintenance costs it will increase light levels and enhance light quality. 

How long should light bulbs last?
There is a standard rating “rated life” that light bulb manufacturers follow. This a median time in hours that it takes for each bulb to burn out. Not every bulb will last exactly the same. Century Lighting carries industrial and commercial lighting products, which will last longer than residential grade products, and that carry a manufacturer’s warranty.

What is a ballast and how does it work?
This is an electrical component used in the operation of fluorescent and HID lamps to conduct electricity. It creates the light by supplying the initial electricity to the lamp as well as ensuring the proper amount of light by regulating the amount of electricity flowing through the lamp. If the ballast is going out you will have flickering and loss of light from the lamps. 

Should I consider LED lighting?
LEDs are most commonly used in aesthetic, effect or specialty lighting applications. They offer exciting new technologies in the lighting industry with more options for general lighting becoming available every year.